“Hamas’s leadership is decentralised between the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Israeli jails and the leadership outside of Palestine. This kind of power of decentralisation of Hamas makes the whole movement stronger in terms of not caging the leadership in one single area, and because of this they keep producing leaders from the third and second rankings to the highest echelons of the movement”.

“Everybody knows that Hamas is well-entrenched now in the Gaza Strip because they have a network of tunnels – they hide very well. And maybe even they hope that at one point this Israeli land invasion takes place so that they can deal the Israeli army some strong defensive attacks”.

“I can’t imagine any way of finishing (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip. Even if it was finished, what we’d end up with is a more radical Palestinian organisation, an al-Qaeda-like organisation coming out of the rubble of Hamas’s destruction”.

Leído en Al Jazeera.